Welcome to Estafette Odin BV

Estafette Odin BV is a chain organization for organic and biodynamic food.
The company is 100% owned by Coöperatie Odin UA, a food coop with about 4000 (consumer) members.

This website offers you information about our starting points and objectives. You can also read more about our activities:
- organic supermarkets
- our wholesale trade services
- the subscription to the Odin Vegetables bags and Fruit bags
- the Odin webshop, which offers our customers a complete range of organic and biological-dynamic food and non-food
- the Odin beekeeping project 

The three core activities of Estafette Odin BV are:

Organic supermarkets

Shopping for delicious and healthy responsible groceries? Be welcome at one of our 19 cooperatively owned 100% organic supermarkets, which offer you a complete range of organic and biodynamic quality foods. Our stores are located in Alkmaar, Amersfoort, Amsterdam (5x), Arnhem, Bergen, Breda, Delft, Den Haag, Dordrecht, Driebergen, Ede, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Utrecht and Zutphen.
Read more at www.odin.nl

Odin wholesale trade services

Our wholesale trade services and head office are located in Geldermalsen, in the province of Gelderland. A regular group of farmers, processors and other producers of organic an biodynamic food from all over Europe and the Netherlands provide us with a complete range of products for our customers. For these suppliers and clients we develop a growing range of supporting services as administration management and automation. Contact us if you are interested in joining our trade network or if you want more information about these activities

The Odin-subscribtions and the Odin-webshop
Weekly almost 10.000 customers pick up their fruit- and/or vegetable bag at one of the approximately 350 pick-up points all over the Netherlands. These customers have a subscription to for example a family bag of vegetables, or a fruit bag for 2 persons. Every week we fill up these bags with a different range of organic and biodynamic quality products, which are accompanied with product information about growth, origin and recipes. Check out www.odin.nl for more information about the fruit and vegetables bags.

Online shopping for organic and biodynamic quality products? The Odin-webshop delivers your online shopped groceries at home. In the webshop you will find a growing range of the best quality organic and biodynamic fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, fish, marmelades, juices, wine, baking products and other groceries. Check www.odinbezorgdienst.nl

Odin beekeeping project

Bees are important organisms for a healthy planet. Worldwide the amount of honey bee colonies is diminishing quickly, because of diseases, the use ofpesticides and declining nectar. All over the world bee keepers,scientists and conservation organisations are alarmed. Because as Einstein already said: without bees no life.It's action time!Therefore Odin has started a project toincrease the number of honey bee colonies in hives. Estafette Odin has employed Jos Willemse, an experienced biodynamic beekeeper, to keep Odin-bees at selected Demeter- farms. At this moment Odin-hives are located at 10 bd-care farms in the Netherlands and on the roof of museum De Kunsthal Rotterdam. Read more at www.odin-imkerij.nl